The Giorgia Arcidiacono brand observes with curiosity contemporary society and its interactions with the most varied cultural scenarios, even apparently distant ones.

A fluid perspective, which becomes the brand's manifesto and suggests a new approach to doing business, placing at the centre of its ethical principles and actions some founding values such as freedom of creative expression, a contemporary reinterpretation of what exists, the protection of craftsmanship and the enhancement of people's work.


The Giorgia Arcidiacono brand is a contemporary interpreter of scenarios in the making. In a three-dimensional temporal dialogue - combining the identity heritage of the past, the needs and dynamics of the present and future prospects - creativity shapes ideas that go beyond the boundaries of the ordinary, and that compose an innovative vision of tomorrow.


Observation and curiosity are at the heart of Giorgia Arcidiacono's creativity, combined with a knowledge of the history of costume that provide great creative inspiration for reinventing the concept of modernity.

In society as well as in fashion, which consequently becomes a reflection of it, the only element that will always remain constant is change. By looking at what we have been, we can understand what we are and express what we will be, showing the vision of the avant-garde future that the Giorgia Arcidiacono brand wishes to share.


The transformation of reference codes, at the basis of every evolution, pushes us to integrate with different cultural and temporal spheres, even apparently distant ones, leading us to anticipate the spirit of the times.

Today it is also necessary to be protagonists of change by transforming the demands of the market and society into concrete actions, which guide the choices of the Giorgia Arcidiacono brand every day.




The Giorgia Arcidiacono brand is oriented towards the search for excellence. A mental attitude that leads to perfecting one's work, challenging oneself to refine and surpass the goals already achieved.

Passion, curiosity, study and obsession for detail are the main attitudes of Giorgia Arcidiacono who manages to reinterpret the evolution of contemporary society, building a new avant-garde.

Art, history, architecture, cinema and theatre are some of the cultural spheres from which Giorgia Arcidiacono draws vital inspirations, connections that expand horizons to subvert patterns and question existing reality in order to create scenarios capable of interpreting new worlds.




The Giorgia Arcidiacono brand has its sights set on finding a balance between respect for the environment and economic development, promoting the use of tailoring and recycled fabrics, with a deep desire to create value through choices that enhance the worker as much as the environment.