Giorgia Arcidiacono is a brand aimed at a traveling, dynamic, eclectic woman who needs a wardrobe always up to what she is living with uniqueness and lightness.

Dresses made with impalpable fabrics such as silk, sinuous silhouettes that awake the sensuality of every woman in total comfort and practicality even during leisure and business trips.
The lighter cotton spinning is chosen to maintain the balance between weight and volume in the proposals that enrich the brand's collections.
The attention to detail, the passion for fine fabrics and love for the art of dressing accompany every phase from the creative one until the moment when the garment is ready to be worn.
Giorgia Arcidiacono's creations are expressions of elegance of tailoring art, interpreted with soft and at the same time severe cuts, for a woman who loves to stand out.
The tailor-made garment becomes the luxury of those who want to be unique, wearing an exclusive piece designed only for those who choose and wear it.