I'm Giorgia Arcidiacono, I'm a stylist since ten years, with a diploma from Istituto Marangoni in Milan. In my hands I preserve the knowledge and the passion handed down from my grandmother and my land.nI have Italian roots, I was born in Puglia and now I live and work in Campania, the land I chose to develop my project. During years I travelled a lot and did many experiences also abroad, where I learned to face new trends, still keeping as a treasure the Italian tradition. I get inspiration from the 1930s and '50s, years of real expression of femininity and refinement.


I started with high fashion hats, that I still offer you today, then I felt in love with precious fabrics. With them I create only tailored garments, elegant and versatile. My target woman is modern, always on the move, careful about the quality and design of her garments. She's a woman who travels, who has to attend many meetings in a day and who needs a wardrobe always up to what she's living. For that reason I offer dresses made with impalpable fabrics such as silk, that occupy little space in a suitcase and that once out the suitcase, with the right care, are ready to be worn and to keep the woman wearing them at her ease. I also propose cotton, in its lighter weaving, to maintain the balance between weights and volumes of my creations.

I'm maniac about details, so that I hate zippers and prefer little buttons, rigorously covered with tissue by skilled hands, in my workshop. I think and live every garment first of all for me, I'm a rigorous judge of all I create and make.

Every garment from Maison Arcidiacono is delivered with love to the future owner, with the wish it will make her

happy as I was when I produced it.